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2. Reporting Authority:

the campus coordinator reports directly to the vice President Academics and Students' Affairs but through the Quality Assurance Manager.

2.Duties and Responsibilities:

The Campus Coordinator shall be accountable through the Quality Assurance Manager who then reports to the Academic Vice President and has the following duties and responsibilities to:

Ø  Plan, coordinate and direct student services on day-today basis

Ø  Ensure the proper provision of teaching services to the student;

Ø  Give individual and group support to student with matters pertaining to academic, personal and social problems.

Ø  Conduct research in order to identify the problems that affect the learners, the learning process and the teaching situation in the University and recommend possible solutions;

Ø  Initiate students’ participation in administrative and academic affairs and assist students in organizing their council;

Ø  Prepare an annual budget for student service and implement it upon approval;

Ø  Conduct class monitoring and lecturer attendance supervision and develop a report that is shared through the Quality Assurance Office to the Vice President Academics. Template to be provided by Quality Assurance

Ø  Evaluate the performance of support and non-teaching staff under the office of the Human Resource Manager;

Ø  Ensure that student discipline is maintained according to NGU’s regulation’s;

Ø  Coordinate and direct students’ extra-curricular activities;

Ø  Organize orientation programs for freshman students;

Ø  Coordinate and organize the graduation ceremony in collaboration with the registrar.

Ø  Submit bi-annual reports to the office of the Academic Vice President;

Ø  Prepare a student handbook;

Ø  Establish alumni and other associations, clubs, etc.

Ø  Direct the activates of the internships and placement units;

Ø  Coordinate all sport related activities at NGU;

Ø  Operate closely with the faculty heads and bridge the gap between the faculty heads and students.

Ø  Handles Students’ complaints

Ø  Perform such other duties as assigned to him/her by the Academic Commission, President and Vice President

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